Break the Heavens.


Taking the legendary gameplay of the Budokai Tenkaichi series and raising it to whole new levels
Unleash the fighting spirit within you and take the fight to arenas that crumble and react to your power as the battle rages on.

Make yours the destructive power of the strongest fighters ever to appear in DRAGON BALL!
Breathtaking 3D Fights

Engage in heart-pounding, high-speed 3D battles that stay true to the anime and video game series, with breathtaking visuals and authentic combat moves like beam clashes, rush attacks, movements too quick for the eyes to see, and planet-razing ultimate attacks. 

The Ground Will Shake

Step into an arena that reacts to your every action. As you transform or unleash your most devastating attacks, watch the environment respond with stunning realism. Leave a trail of destruction in your wake as you battle to your heart’s content.